Photographer Ceasar Lizada is one of the rare people who earn a living doing what they love.  Having lived on Maui since 1975, Ceasar has become a part of the Island and loves to share Maui’s beauty with our wedding couples.  Ceasar was first bitten by the photo bug by working in a darkroom, editing film and photos. Ceasar learned to bring out Maui’s colors and light in the images, while lovingly helping the couples to look their best.  Soon the desire to capture the scenery with his own eyes, drew him outside where he could create the images himself. Ceasar found his love of photographing weddings in 1995 and has been a Professional photographer ever since. Ceasar believes your future is guided by your past experience, and his years in editing and working with photos over all the technological advances since the days of film, and his years working with wedding couples, make him a masterful Photographer.  Even on his days off he is out enjoying Maui with his wife, camera in hand.